One Day PDA Seminar
Key areas for strategic drug development planning

Meet with the Israeli MOH, Innovation Authority
and the pharmaceutical Industry leaders

Organized by Meir Batito and Shlomo Sackstein

October 24, 2018


Overview of the Israeli start up pharmaceutical industry
Nissim Darvish M.D., Ph.D.
Senior Managing Director, OrbiMed Israel
Quality and Regulatory aspects in early phase development of pharmaceutical products Rivka Zaibel
Founder, CEO and Consultant
ADRES, Advanced Regulatory Services Ltd.

The Israeli Healthtech Industry in the Era of Precision Medicine
Itai Kela, PhD, MBA
Senior Director, Healthcare & Biotechnology Sector Technology Division
Israel Innovation Authority
Strategic Considerations for Manufacturing Process Development Oren Hershkovitz, Ph.D.
General Manager
OPKO Biologics Ltd. (f.k.a. Prolor-Biotech Ltd.)
Preclinical and Toxicological aspects in early phase development of pharmaceutical products
Liat Hershkovitz, Ph.D
Director, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs
ADRES Advanced Regulatory Services Ltd.
Developing your Process for future scale-up and commercial viability
Sarel Chen-Tov
CEO, Biopharmax Ltd
Drug Development - Points to Consider
The Regulator View

Dr. Ofra Axelrod
Director of The Institute for Standardization and Control of Pharmaceuticals, Israeli MOH




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