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קבוצת הדיון תתקיים באולם אלונה ב'טבע' כפר סבא, בין השעות 16:00-19:00

A draft guide has been posted by ICH and comments are invited.
The guideline addresses development of pharmaceutical products and is pertinent to all R&D personnel, Regulatory and QA persons as well as production personnel interested in getting the drug development process right first time.
The Israel Chapter of PDA is organizing a discussion group, open to all paid up members.
The draft guide will be presented by Karen Ginsbury with ample opportunity for discussion and comments which will then be collated and sent on to PDA International who will incorporate them in a written response to ICH.
Here is your opportunity to influence guidelines in the making! See you then!!

קבוצת הדיון תתקיים ביום חמישי, 17 במרץ 2005 בין השעות 16:00-19:00
מיקום: אולם אלונה ב"טבע", רח' השקמה 64, איזור התעשיה כפר סבא
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